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San Francisco Wedd Kaptan Janae ?&? Ogun

Our wedding shots in San Francisco were done by IQphoto studio.

10.28.2014  Lifetime experience, Good Memories with love from San Francisco, CA


Janae & Ogun Kaptan Wedding in San Francisco


Mr & Mrs Kaptan, San Francisco, 10.28 Janae & Ogun Wedding Collage 1

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One step closer, I have died everyday waiting for you. Darling don’t be afraid I have loved you for a thousand years, I’ll love you for a thousand more…

Jump High Ogun Janae Kaptan San Francisco Wedd


Photography creds & thanks to IQ Photo Studio

Janae & Ogun ? Backpacking Europe

Years of Experience Backpacking in Europe

  • 1999 (O)
  • 2000 (O)
  • 2013 (J&O)

Janae & Ogun Kaptan

Preparing backpacks  (Brandon/TampaBay)The Kaptans - Janae and Ogun Backpacking starts


Starting point >  Karsiyaka, Izmir – Metro StationThe Kaptans Backpacking - Janae and Ogun in KSK, TR


Venice Italy - Janae Kaptan backpacking with Ogun - 2013

Venice, Italy – Locando Zabotto 😉




Backpacking Europe - Janae Kaptan Ogun Kaptan
Ogun & Janae Kaptan – Euro Trip Memories – Backpacking Experience



;)))Janae Kaptan Ogun Backpacking in Germany


Dusk over PraqueJanae & Ogun Kaptan - Dusk over Praque Ogun Janae Kaptan Loving Praque

Charles Bridge, Prague, Czechia,  Janae M. Kaptan / Woody

Euro Trip Ogun Janae Kaptan in Brussel, Belgium relaxing@park

Euro Trip - Rome, Italy - Ogun Janae Kaptan - Colosseum


Young Love ?


Janae Woody & Ogun Kaptan – Summer of 2009


Clearwater, FL


10 Years of ?